Richard A. Brink, CFA

Richard A. Brink, CFA

Market Strategist—Client Group

16 Years at AB
25 Years of experience

Richard A. Brink is a Senior Vice President and Market Strategist in the Client Group. Previously, he served as a managing director in the Alternatives and Multi-Asset Group. Prior to that role, Brink was a senior portfolio manager in Fixed Income, and before that an investment director for fixed-income investments within the Global Retail Investments Group. Before joining AB in 2004, he was senior product manager at the Dreyfus Corporation, covering both retail and institutional fixed-income offerings. Brink was previously a senior trainer, dealing primarily with the design and delivery of product training to financial advisors and mutual fund sales representatives. He holds a BS in applied mathematics and economics from Stony Brook University, and is a CFA charterholder. Location: New York

Do US Elections Matter for Equity Investors?
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3Q:2020 Capital Markets Outlook Broadcast

3Q:2020 Capital Markets Outlook Broadcast

by Richard Brink
Governments across the globe worked to offset pressures created by the novel coronavirus during the quarter. While the massive government response has been successful so far, the critical question remains – Will the response be long enough and strong enough to bridge to the other side of the virus?


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