Laurent Saltiel

Laurent Saltiel

Chief Investment Officer—Emerging Markets Growth

9 Years at AB
26 Years of experience

Laurent Saltiel has been Chief Investment Officer of Emerging Markets Growth since March 2012. He also served as chief investment officer of International Large Cap Growth from 2010 to early 2017. Prior to joining AB in 2010, Saltiel spent eight years at Janus Capital, where he most recently led several international and global growth portfolios. Before that, he worked as a research analyst covering the materials and consumer sectors, as well as a broad range of stocks in Brazil and India. Saltiel was previously a research analyst at RS Investments, where he covered technology and healthcare. Prior to entering the investment business, he spent seven years as a marketing executive at Michelin, where he held full-time roles in Japan, Mexico and his native France. Saltiel holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Location: New York

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