Joseph Rosenblum

Joseph Rosenblum

Director—Municipal Credit Research

28 Years at AB
42 Years of experience

Joseph Rosenblum is the Director of Municipal Credit Research and a member of the Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Investment Policy Group. Prior to joining the firm in 1990, he spent nine and a half years at Moody’s Investors Service, initially as managing director of Western Regional Ratings and then as vice president and managing director of Customer Services. Rosenblum is a member of the Municipal Analysts Group of New York (and past treasurer and chairman), the National Federation of Municipal Analysts (and formerly served on its Board of Governors) and of the Society of Municipal Analysts. He holds a BA in sociology and urban studies from Brooklyn College and an MCP from Harvard University. Location: New York

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Hospital “Survivor”: Muni Bondholders Wait to See Who Makes the Cut

by Joseph Rosenblum

To stay solvent, hospitals run a numbers game, charging high prices to patients with private insurance to offset lower payments from Medicare and Medicaid and the uninsured. Some hospitals make a nice profit; others struggle. Now hospitals face a game changer—the Affordable Care Act, which expands Americans' access to medical insurance but changes the reimbursement rules.

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