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Why Today’s Inverted Yield Curve Isn’t Necessarily a Recession Warning
Don’t Fear Illiquidity (Embrace It!)

Don’t Fear Illiquidity (Embrace It!)

by Alexander Chaloff
Illiquid alternatives are investments that are not easily traded or exchanged and where investors do not have access to their capital for years. In fact, some alternatives hold investors’ capital for as long as a decade. That’s one of the reasons some investors shy away from them. The long lock-up worries investors, especially when the markets turn down. But is that fear justified? In a word: No. Illiquidity should not be feared—for three reasons.

Alternatives, Asset Allocation

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Our Most Interesting Chart Right Now: Bull Run Not (Yet) Strongest or Longest

Our Most Interesting Chart Right Now: Bull Run Not (Yet) Strongest or Longest

by Matthew D. Palazzolo
The US stock market continues to hit new highs this month, buoyed by optimism that the Fed will resume monetary policy accommodation—by lowering interest rates—which should further support the economy and corporate profitability. Despite this, investors are still fixated on the duration of the current bull market—now over 10 years. The implication of these concerns is that the rally’s duration is reason enough to become more cautious. We disagree.

Wealth Planning

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