Richard L.N. Weaver

Richard L.N. Weaver

National Director—Wealth Strategies Group

14 Years at AB
39 Years of experience

Richard L.N. Weaver is a National Director in Bernstein’s Wealth Strategies Group, where he specializes in counseling private business owners, public corporate executives and holders of concentrated equity positions. Richard is the author of Bernstein’s research publications Executive Decisions: Making the Most of Compensation Plans to Build and Protect Personal Wealth and Selling a Business: Proceed with Confidence. Previously, he served as a senior portfolio manager, responsible for communicating the firm’s capital markets outlook, investment strategy and rationale for current positioning in global equity, fixed income and alternative asset portfolios. Richard joined Bernstein in January 2004 from Prudential Securities, where he headed the Private Wealth Management effort and managed the firm’s Executive Services and Strategies Group. His extensive career in capital markets has also included roles in investment banking, risk arbitrage, equity derivatives and structured products. Richard earned a BS in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York University.

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by Pavan W. Auman, Richard Weaver

Since the market recovery began in 2009, the S&P 500 has more than tripled, with annualized total returns of 17.8%. Yet Apple’s annualized return was more than twice as high. Netflix’s and Incyte’s, roughly three times as high. Should you stay the course or jump ship if you have a large position in a big winner like any of these?

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