Lessons Learned in 2014

In 2014, US stocks forged ahead, international developed and emerging-market stocks lagged, bonds did better than expected, and the IRS took a bigger bite. Here are some lessons for US investors to carry forward into 2015.

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Get Smart About Giving

With the year-end drawing near, many US taxpayers are starting to think about how much to give to tax-deductible causes. But too often, even financially sophisticated people miss a simple way to boost the tax benefit from their charitable donations: by giving appreciated securities, rather than cash.

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A Nice Problem to Have (and Some Partial Solutions)

 Paul Robertson and Tara Thompson Popernik Many taxable US investors will face higher capital gains tax bills for 2014 than for 2013, although market returns are likely to be more modest. The reason isn’t higher tax rates: US tax rates were up in 2013, too. The reason is large capital gains and limited losses.

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Selling Your Business Before Taxes Rise

Planning to sell your business? Try to wrap up the deal before year end, when today’s highly favorable US capital gains tax rate is scheduled to expire.

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