To Manage Rising Rates, Consider Benching Your Benchmark

Doug Peebles (pictured) and Michael Mon As we enter a period of rising rates, many bond investors are growing more aware of the risks of benchmark-oriented bond portfolios. It may be time to sit the benchmark down and consider more flexible, unconstrained approaches to fixed income.

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Rising Rates: Time to Position, Not Panic

It finally happened. After endless discussion about the potential for rates to rise, they finally did—in a big way. During May and June, the 10-year US Treasury yield soared by nearly one percent, and markets reeled. Instead of panicking, investors should make sure their portfolios are positioned effectively.

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Meeting Your Fixed-Income Goals

The most common goals for fixed-income investors are stability, generating income and diversifying their equity exposures. Our research suggests that they can achieve all three goals more efficiently if they don’t remain wedded to their traditional approaches and benchmarks.

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