Keeping Up with Innovation

The pace of innovation is accelerating and equity investors are increasingly at risk of getting left behind. We think that moving away from the benchmark can help portfolios keep up with rapid change across many industries.

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Using Genomics to Find Olympic and Investment Gold

Dan Roarty (pictured) and Edward Bryan As the Olympic Games in Sochi draw to a close, a new era for international sports may be beginning. Uzbekistan last month revealed a program to test children’s genes to predict their athletic potential. With genomics becoming more mainstream, we believe investors should take a long-term view and look [...]

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The Internet of Things: The Rise of the Machines Is Here

You’ve just settled into your seat in a jetliner when the pilot announces a mechanical delay. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon experience. But it could become a rarity before long, as jet engines and other moving parts are increasingly wired with technology that can diagnose problems before they occur.

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Investing in the Robot Revolution: Part 2

Catherine Wood and Michael Shavel From manufacturing to services, a step change in automation is underway. Investors will want to get a share of a market that could be worth $400 billion by 2020 but, more than ever, they will need to be well advised.

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Investing in the Robot Revolution: Part 1

Catherine Wood and Michael Shavel As robots increasingly take over processes currently performed by humans, we believe that an inflection point in manufacturing automation is imminent. Transport and healthcare will quickly follow, with enormous social, economic and hence investment implications.

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