Keeping Up with Innovation

The pace of innovation is accelerating and equity investors are increasingly at risk of getting left behind. We think that moving away from the benchmark can help portfolios keep up with rapid change across many industries.

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What’s the Point of Investing in Dreams?

Is innovation dead or are we on the cusp of new technological revolutions? Without resolving this epic debate, we believe that market conditions today are conducive to investing in companies with disruptive potential, but it takes a sober approach to find big dreams that can deliver big returns.

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In Memory of Remington Rand: Why Tech Is Entering a New Era

Who remembers Remington Rand? Very few of the people reading this post, I’ll bet. Yet in 1952, Remington Rand was the biggest computer company in the US. It disappeared as part of the process of creative destruction which is the hallmark of the technology industry—and it’s happening again today.

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