Poof! There Goes the American Retirement Dream…Again

When it comes to planning for retirement, we’ve been setting US workers up to fail.

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The Five Biggest Myths of Retirement Planning

In the world of retirement planning, some myths persist, despite continued efforts to debunk them. Below, my colleague Tara Thompson-Popernik discusses a few of the most stubborn myths we encounter.

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Working Past 66: The Impact on Social Security Benefits

A reader of my recent article on when to take Social Security benefits asked whether my analysis would change if a person does not retire at age 66 and plans to work until age 70—and is earning more now than he expects to earn at retirement. That’s a good question.

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When Should You Take Your Social Security Benefits?

Determining when to start receiving Social Security benefits can present a dilemma: Should you wait and receive higher annual benefits, or would you be better off receiving smaller payouts over a longer period?

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