The Road to Restoring Confidence in Retirement

We are optimistic that a bright future lies ahead for retirement, despite all the concerns that Americans feel today.

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Poof! There Goes the American Retirement Dream…Again

When it comes to planning for retirement, we’ve been setting US workers up to fail.

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Tax Cliff Enhances Potential Benefit of Roth IRA Conversion

With US federal tax rates poised for a potential hike next year, now is a good time to consider converting retirement assets to a Roth IRA. Conversions are now available to all investors, with no income ceiling in place.

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The Five Biggest Myths of Retirement Planning

In the world of retirement planning, some myths persist, despite continued efforts to debunk them. Below, my colleague Tara Thompson-Popernik discusses a few of the most stubborn myths we encounter.

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Variable Annuities Gain New Respect in Crisis Aftermath

The 2008 market crash has given variable annuities (VAs) a new lease on life. As clients search for ways to rebuild retirement nest eggs with less downside risk, US financial advisors are increasingly prescribing VAs as part of the solution.

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