Ease the Burden of Managing Risk

Risk remains important for many institutional investors, but dealing with it effectively takes time and energy. How investors approach it should therefore depend on their governance capacity.

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Buy and Hold Is Dead…Long Live Buy and Hold

It seems that rumors of the death of long-term equity investing have been greatly exaggerated.

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Are Investors Worried About the Right Risk?

Individual and institutional investors alike have been shifting their capital from stocks to cash and bonds at a rapid rate in recent years, despite extraordinarily low interest rates. But if investors stop to weigh the importance of two different types of risk, they’ll see they still need stocks.

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A “Go” Signal for Equity Outperformance

Given the skimpy yields on bonds, the opportunity in equities has rarely been more provocative, at least according to one fairly reliable indicator, as my colleague Gerry Paul ably argues below.

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Our View on the Final Participant Advice Rules

In a reversal, the US Department of Labor’s final regulation requires computer-generated investment advice to include target-date funds when comparing the investment offerings provided by a defined contribution plan. But the hurdles to being compliant are high.

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