Breaking Down Borders in High Yield

After a multiyear rally, many high-yield investors are looking for new strategies to better balance risk and return. We don’t think a deep dive into riskier credits is the answer. Instead, investors should consider moving beyond traditional boundaries—both geographic and in credit rating.

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Don’t Be Afraid of European High Yield…
Be Selective

The European financial crisis continues to challenge high-yield investors. Some were wary of Europe’s issues and stepped away last year, only to see European bonds dominate through the unpredictability. Others want in now, but worry that they’ve missed the rally.

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We Expect High-Yield Defaults to Remain Low

High-yield bond defaults are historically low today, even for troubled companies. Despite the worries we hear in some corners about looming high-yield defaults, we think default rates will stay low for at least the next few years.

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High-Yield Bonds: Tackling the Tough Questions

With high-yield bonds at record high prices and interest rates so low they’re barely visible in some parts, investors have a lot of anxious questions. Our opinion: we think high-yield bonds still offer more income and fare better in rising rate environments than other bond types.

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High-Yield Won’t Bubble Over

It’s easy to spot a bubble after it bursts. Just follow the carnage—significant, and sometimes complete, losses for investors. It’s not so easy to pinpoint a bubble beforehand, but many are convinced that there’s too much air rushing into high-yield bonds today.

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