DC Solutions: Adding Global Bonds to Target-Date Funds

By Alison Martier and Seth J. Masters Within US defined contribution (DC) target-date funds (TDFs), whether we’re considering customized TDFs for larger plans or packaged solutions for smaller plans, our research shows that having a bond allocation that is not US-centric can lead to better outcomes and enhance the effectiveness of the glide path.

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A Guide for Globalizing DC Core Menus

By Alison Martier and Seth J. Masters At a time when plans are seeking to control risk and enhance returns, hedged global bonds can help improve outcomes for US defined contribution (DC) investors. Hedged global bonds have delivered better risk-adjusted results over time than US bonds. So how do we recommend plan sponsors incorporate global bonds, [...]

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In Search of DC Solutions: Are Global Bonds the Answer?

By Alison Martier and Seth J. Masters Many US defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors are seeking solutions aimed at reducing undue volatility—excess volatility without a commensurate increase in return—that can prevent a plan and its participants from achieving their long-term objectives. Our research suggests that hedged global bonds may be one solution.

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DC Plan Sponsors Should Look Further than Their Own Backyard

By Alison Martier and Seth J. Masters US defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors large and small are seeking ways to help plan participants achieve better outcomes. Over the last 30 years, compelling evidence has accumulated that suggests currency-hedged global bonds may be an important part of the solution.

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