The Internet of Things: The Rise of the Machines Is Here

You’ve just settled into your seat in a jetliner when the pilot announces a mechanical delay. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon experience. But it could become a rarity before long, as jet engines and other moving parts are increasingly wired with technology that can diagnose problems before they occur.

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Looking for Growth? Go Small and Global

Liliana Castillo Dearth (pictured) and Bruce K. Aronow In the hunt for growth in today’s low-growth world, up-and-coming small- and mid-sized companies are a good place to start. But you need to look everywhere, from Indiana to Indonesia.

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Indian Milk Helps Quench Thirst for Emerging-Market Growth

Evolving trends in emerging markets are not always driven by macro-economic policies or demographics. Sometimes, something as simple as a fridge can change millions of people’s lives and re-define an entire industry.

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