European Small-Caps: Focus on Companies, Not Countries

Liliana Castillo Dearth (pictured) and Alan Connery Growth in the euro area has slowed sharply, but that’s not true for all companies in the region. We think worries about Europe’s recovery may offer investors the chance to buy quality, small-cap stocks for less than they would pay for similar-caliber companies elsewhere.

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Investing Across Asset Classes in Europe’s Recovery

Tawhid Ali (pictured) and Jorgen Kjaersgaard Europe’s recovery is becoming reality. In our view, successful investing in the continent today requires a selective approach that exploits dislocations by focusing on return-seeking assets across stock and bond markets.

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Global Investing and the European Enigma

Equity investors are struggling to figure out how to approach the European enigma. It’s clear that a recovery is brewing, but there’s still too much uncertainty for comfort. In our view, distinguishing the European context from that of the US or Japan can help point the way toward unravelling the puzzle.

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European Equities: In the Market with an Airbag

Confidence returned to European markets in 2013 after several turbulent years. As the continent continues to resolve its problems, we believe that European stocks offer compelling long-term return potential. But since short-term uncertainties remain, investors should consider balancing a strategic position with tactical short-term defense mechanisms.

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