Five Ways to Tackle Risk in Emerging Equities

Nelson Yu (pictured) and Morgan C. Harting Emerging-market (EM) equities are far more turbulent than their developed-world peers. But there are several things investors can do to capture the attractive return potential while reducing volatility. Staying active is the lynchpin for success.

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Does Stock Picking Still Work in Emerging Markets?

Many things have changed in emerging markets (EMs) over the last two decades. Markets are more efficient than they used to be. But we believe that developing countries still provide fertile ground for finding stocks poised to outperform.

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After the Beta Trade in Emerging Markets

Sammy Suzuki (pictured) and Morgan Harting It’s getting harder to generate equity returns in emerging markets (EMs). Simply chasing the index—the so-called beta trade—won’t do the job anymore. But with a more discriminating, active approach, we believe investors can still capture opportunities in the next phase of the EM growth evolution.

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Seven Things to Consider About Emerging Markets Now

After several years of disappointing returns, emerging-market (EM) equities are regaining interest, attracting flows and outperforming their developed-market (DM) counterparts this year. For investors thinking about adding EM exposure, we offer seven factors to consider.

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Supersize EM: Obesity Matters for Emerging-Market Investors

Modern lifestyles are closely linked to rising obesity. As emerging markets follow the lead of the US, expanding waistlines could provide a guide to consumption-related investment trends in emerging markets.

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Sugar: A Sweet Spot for Emerging Market Investors

Sugar consumption has often been seen as a mark of affluence. But for emerging market investors, knowing how sugar is consumed can also be a guide to the successful investments of the future. We argue that only on-the-ground grassroots research can provide the knowledge needed to find these investment sweet spots.

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