How Will Latin America Weather a “Sudden Stop” in Investment?

Since May, over one-quarter of the past five months’ foreign portfolio investment into emerging markets has been withdrawn, according to the latest available data from Emerging Portfolio Fund Research. For the Latin American economies, this is likely to result in slower growth, but the impact may be milder this time around.

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Emerging-Market Debt: Pure High-Yield Strategies Come of Age

We believe investors should be thinking about emerging-market debt in terms of credit quality buckets (investment grade or high yield) rather than sectors (sovereign or corporate). For some types of investor, pure high-yield strategies can offer significant advantages.

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Emerging-Market Debt Offers More than One Kind of Diversification

One key attraction of emerging-market debt is that it can help investors to diversify existing portfolios of developed-market fixed-income securities. But there’s more than one kind of diversification, and more than one way to approach the opportunity, depending on each investor’s objectives.

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Emerging-Market Debt: Pure High-Grade Strategies Gain Popularity

Investors in hard-currency emerging-market (EM) bonds are starting to change the way they think about the opportunity. For some, this means moving to investment-grade-only strategies.  

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