There’s New Hope for US Recovery as Early Cyclical Sectors Rebound

Something is changing in the US economic recovery. Housing and autos are finally starting to wake up from a recession-induced slumber, and the timing couldn’t be better.

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Does an Odd Economic Tidbit Reveal Surging Optimism?

The Philadelphia Fed Index, a leading measure of US economic activity, beat analysts’ expectations. But what caught our eye—and many others’ as well—was a detail within the survey: the future index jumped more sharply than it has since February 1991, when the first Gulf War ended unexpectedly quickly.

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Exploiting ZIRPonomics in a World
of Ultralow Interest Rates

We’re living in a world of zero interest-rate policies (ZIRP). Central bank interest rates and market yields are at historical lows in most of the developed world and some of the emerging world. Are you making ZIRPonomics work for you?

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Don’t Be Fooled by Weak US Job Numbers in March

It seems like every twist and turn in the US employment data is being observed under a microscope. But don’t let the weak job numbers in March fool you—the underlying trends still point to continued improvements on the employment front.

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US Economic Gains Fail to Dent “Safety First” Market Mindset

Risk-taking is an important component of an economic recovery, as it unlocks spending and investment power that is pent up during a downturn. But two and a half years since the US recession ended, individual investors are still playing it safe. 

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Why US Profits Have Soared amid Slow Economic Gains

There seems to be a disconnect between US corporate earnings and the state of the economy these days.

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