UK Equities Reach Inflation Tipping Point

Jon Ruff and Patrick Rudden As UK inflation surges ahead, equity investors should be concerned. With yields on inflation-linked bonds at extreme lows, we think real assets offer a better way to combat the risk of rising prices.

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Where SMID-Caps Get Their Performance Muscle

Bruce K. Aronow and James MacGregor  SMID-cap stocks, which bridge small- and mid-cap indices, have performed almost as powerfully as small-caps historically, but haven’t been as erratic. The “mid” in SMID is largely why.

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Ease the Burden of Managing Risk

Risk remains important for many institutional investors, but dealing with it effectively takes time and energy. How investors approach it should therefore depend on their governance capacity.

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Defining a New Framework for Equity Investing

Equity investing is facing a crisis of confidence. After several years of high volatility, disappointing returns and the failure of conventional diversification, the fear of equities is pervasive. After all, how can anyone rely on equities to meet future targets when extreme market turmoil can destroy years of careful planning in a heartbeat?

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A Survival Guide for Today’s Market

Risk is unusually high these days. Investors can either be paralyzed by uncertainty…or seize the long-term opportunities that volatility creates. We believe the key to choosing the latter path is updating five long-standing investing precepts for today’s tough times.

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Manager Diversification: Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

There’s a strong case to be made that investors should diversify their exposure to passive managers more—not less—than they diversify their exposure to active managers. 

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