Emerging-Market Currency Returns: Fact vs. Fiction

By Paul DeNoon (pictured) and Kenneth Colangelo Emerging-market (EM) currencies have long been a popular investment theme. It’s commonly assumed that attractive returns can be earned from the appreciation of EM currencies versus the dollar. The truth is a bit more complicated.

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Emerging-Market Debt Offers More than One Kind of Diversification

One key attraction of emerging-market debt is that it can help investors to diversify existing portfolios of developed-market fixed-income securities. But there’s more than one kind of diversification, and more than one way to approach the opportunity, depending on each investor’s objectives.

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Emerging-Market Debt: Pure High-Grade Strategies Gain Popularity

Investors in hard-currency emerging-market (EM) bonds are starting to change the way they think about the opportunity. For some, this means moving to investment-grade-only strategies.  

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