The Myth of the Nest Egg

For decades we’ve focused on the nest-egg notion as the goal for retirement saving, benchmarking our progress in relation to that lump sum. But it has no context other than probably being the single biggest “paycheck” most of us will ever see.

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The Road to Restoring Confidence in Retirement

We are optimistic that a bright future lies ahead for retirement, despite all the concerns that Americans feel today.

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Poof! There Goes the American Retirement Dream…Again

When it comes to planning for retirement, we’ve been setting US workers up to fail.

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Do Smaller DC Plans Need Advisors?

Many smaller US defined contribution (DC) plans rely on guidance from advisors, and the majority of these DC plan sponsors are happy they do so. But how do plans gauge whether they really need advisors, and assess the benefits against the cost of advice?

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New Fee Disclosures for US DC Plan Participants: Context Is Key

The US Department of Labor’s new 404(a)(5) fee-disclosure rules for defined contribution (DC) plans will provide participants with a lot more information on plan and investment fees—in plain language. That’s a good thing. But there’s a real risk that the new rule may unintentionally drive participants to make poor investment choices.

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