Draghi Sharpens “Three Arrows” for Europe

Darren Williams

When the European Central Bank’s Governing Council convenes tomorrow in Frankfurt, there will be plenty of talk about Mario Draghi’s recent speech at Jackson Hole. Not only did this open the door to a large-scale quantitative easing (QE) programme, it may in time be seen as a pivotal moment in the evolution of the euro area’s policy framework as it attempts to fend off the forces of deflation.

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China’s Reforms Open New Path to Equities

Stuart Rae

Stuart Rae (pictured) and John Lin

For investors in China equities, there have traditionally been two ways of approaching the market: through expensive growth stocks, or risky contrarian plays. Now, thanks to China’s reforms, there’s a third way which may offer a better balance of risk and return.

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China’s Property Market: The Risks for Banks

Hayden Briscoe

By Hayden Briscoe (pictured) and Hua Cheng of AllianceBernstein (NYSE:AB)

Despite worries about a collapse in China’s property market, we think the financial system will navigate the coming credit cycle if banks can buy time to resolve loan problems—and receive government support if needed.

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China’s Property Market: Policy Is the Real Risk

Hayden Briscoe

By Hayden Briscoe (pictured) and Jenny Zeng of AllianceBernstein (NYSE:AB)

Concerns about a possible collapse in China’s property market continue to grow. However, our research suggests that fundamentals are more robust than many think. The biggest danger lies in the potential for policy mistakes.

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New US Bank Rules a Boon for Bond Investors

Jeff Skoglund

By Jeff Skoglund (pictured) and Shrut Vakil of AllianceBernstein (NYSE: AB)

US banks have come a long way since the financial crisis, and that’s good news for fixed-income investors. We think better fundamentals and stricter regulations are creating a good formula for banks’ preferred securities.

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What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About Saving for Retirement

Anne Bucciarelli

Chances are, your parents have told you to max out your 401(k) plan. That’s good advice, but the hard truth is that your 401(k) plan is highly likely to fall short. To live comfortably in retirement, our research shows, you will almost surely need more.

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Is a Big Equity Correction Imminent? Not Yet

Vadim Zlotnikov

Many investors think US stocks are due for a correction: They feel that the market has run too far, that the Fed has been slow to act, that complacency has created pockets of excess. Do these gut feelings mean a major equity correction looms? Not yet, in our view.

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Low Duration Means Low Risk? Not Necessarily

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky

To protect their portfolios from rising interest rates and volatility, many high-yield investors have headed for short-duration strategies. We think some of the more popular approaches may expose investors to bigger hazards than they realize.

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Don’t Be Passive About Rising Rates

Chris Marx

Though they’ve defied expectations this year, higher interest rates appear to be all but inevitable. Investors need to take measure of the rate sensitivity in their portfolios—and stay agile—to negotiate the rough market crosscurrents a rate reversal may bring.

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Seven Things to Consider About Emerging Markets Now

Morgan Harting

After several years of disappointing returns, emerging-market (EM) equities are regaining interest, attracting flows and outperforming their developed-market (DM) counterparts this year. For investors thinking about adding EM exposure, we offer seven factors to consider.

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