Asian Tastes Add Spice to Consumer Industry Returns

Liliana Castillo Dearth

Asian consumers are proud of their distinct tastes and traditions. That puts homegrown restaurant franchises and consumer companies with a deep knowledge of local appetites at the top of the food chain. In our view, they stand a good chance of staying there, even as competition from global franchises and brands picks up.

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Could Bad News Mean Good News for European Equities?

Michele Patri

Much of the recent economic data from the euro zone has been decidedly downbeat, with growth trends weak and signs of deflation emerging. The good news is that Europe’s policymakers are responding vigorously. We may now be in a “bad news is good news” scenario for European equities.

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Fed Rate Policy: Crafting a Game Plan

Vadim Zlotnikov

Capital markets could get a jolt if the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates faster and farther than expected. But we don’t think there would be a major sell-off in risk assets, and there are several ways for investors to play the possibilities.

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Growing Older in Emerging Markets

Tassos Stassopoulos

The rapidly aging demographic in developing countries is an important market for consumer companies. For investors, it’s imperative to understand why complex socioeconomic changes will affect spending patterns in unfamiliar ways as emerging markets mature.

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A Nice Problem to Have (and Some Partial Solutions)

Paul Robertson

 Paul Robertson and Tara Thompson Popernik

Many taxable US investors will face higher capital gains tax bills for 2014 than for 2013, although market returns are likely to be more modest. The reason isn’t higher tax rates: US tax rates were up in 2013, too. The reason is large capital gains and limited losses.

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What’s the Safest Investment Strategy?

Seth J. Masters

Seth J. Masters and John McLaughlin

Many investors with little appetite for risk think cash is the safest asset class. After all, if you have no investments, you have no investment risk. That’s true enough, but it’s reassuring only if you ignore inflation and taxes.  And of course, most individuals do pay taxes and everyone experiences inflation.

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History and Policy Point to Renminbi Rally

Hayden Briscoe

Many investors are worried about the future path of the Chinese currency after its sharp depreciation earlier this year. Based on fundamentals and the expectation that China will stick to its foreign-exchange policy, we think the currency has reached a fork in the road and is likely to rally.

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In EM, Beware Commodity Riches Without Policy Smarts

Fernando J. Losada

By Fernando Losada (pictured) and Alexander Perjessy of AllianceBernstein (NYSE:AB)

Fixed-income investors often divide emerging markets into commodity exporters and commodity importers. We think this overlooks an important reality: commodity wealth is not the sole—or even the most important—driver of EM performance.

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Finding Fashion in Asian Small Caps

Liliana Castillo Dearth

Investors looking for the kind of growth that up-and-coming smaller companies can deliver can’t afford to ignore Asia. We see exciting niche opportunities there—but finding them requires patience and on-the-ground expertise.

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Can Real Estate Stocks Cope with Rising Rates?

Eric Franco

After a sharp five-year rally in US real estate stocks, investors are questioning whether they may be vulnerable to a rise in interest rates. Our research suggests that global real estate stocks may be more likely to weather a changing rate environment.

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