Keeping Up with Innovation

Dan Roarty

The pace of innovation is accelerating and equity investors are increasingly at risk of getting left behind. We think that moving away from the benchmark can help portfolios keep up with rapid change across many industries.

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US Productivity Puzzle Could Lead to Upside Surprise

Joseph G. Carson

A first-quarter productivity slump fueled concerns about the US economy, but second-quarter labor and company earnings data indicate better productivity and underlying growth. In short, the data point to a US economic cycle that’s broader and stronger than it appears on the surface.

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Is Dollar-Cost Averaging the Cure for Market Jitters?

Seth J. Masters

The US stock market is at record highs, and warnings of a downturn are loud and shrill on every side. Even if you’re convinced you should own more stock, you may find it difficult to buy now. What if you invest your money and the market suddenly drops?

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The Myth of the Passive Investor

Patrick Rudden

Some investors have such little faith in the merits of active management that they prefer to take a 100% passive approach. We think they may be making more active decisions than they realize.

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Real Asset Strategies: Timing Isn’t Everything, but…

Jon Ruff

Real assets are coming off of a horrendous year relative to diversified stocks. Meanwhile, inflation is expected to stay low indefinitely. So why in the world should anyone own real assets now?

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Laddering Municipal Bonds Isn’t the Solution to Rising Rates

Terrance T. Hults

We think investors who build laddered portfolios to protect against rising rates will be disappointed—by locking in low yields with traditional ladders or by hidden risks of higher-yielding ladders. In our view, actively managed portfolios are better able to take advantage of changing markets.

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Are US Stocks Heading for a Fall?

Seth J. Masters

It’s a truism that what goes up, must come down—but when, and by how much? That matters, especially if you’re talking about the US stock market.

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Ten Reasons to Stay Active in Equities

Sharon Fay

It’s often hard to resist the temptation of an inexpensive, passive equity allocation. But we think you can find plenty of good reasons to go active just by looking around the markets today.

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Bank Regulation: A New Opportunity in Credit?

Jørgen Kjærsgaard

Posted by Jorgen Kjaersgaard (pictured) and Steve Hussey of AllianceBernstein (NYSE: AB)

European banks are issuing new subordinated bonds that can be written off in a crisis. For investors who are willing to take the risk, our analysis suggests these bonds may provide a way to beat the low returns in today’s corporate bond market.

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Could Reforms Lead to Asia Rerating?

Hayden Briscoe

Asia’s three biggest economies—China, India and Japan—are carrying out reform programs. Taken individually, these may do little to excite investors’ imaginations, but taken together, they become much more interesting.

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