Sovereigns Look Seductive in Europe’s Periphery

Jørgen Kjærsgaard

Jorgen Kjaersgaard (pictured) and John Taylor

Investment-grade bonds issued by nonfinancial firms in Europe’s peripheral countries have had a great run but now look expensive. In our view, government bonds from the likes of Spain and Italy offer better value for investors who want peripheral exposure.

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CAPE Fears Miss the Point

Joseph G. Paul

With the recent wobbles in the market, scary headlines about stock bubbles are back in the spotlight. We think all this foreboding overlooks an important point: In today’s low-return world, where better than stocks to put your money?

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The New Logic of M&A

Joseph G. Paul

There seems to be a new calculus at work in the recent rash of takeovers, as investors set aside their usual wariness of deals and dealmakers for the promise of growth these combinations may bring. We think it’s a good reason to stick with stocks.

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New Dawn for Peripheral Europe?

Darren Williams

Darren Williams (pictured) and Dennis Shen

When Mario Draghi pledged to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro in July 2012, nobody expected things to change so quickly. Peripheral bond markets have since turned around sharply, supporting the European economic recovery. But can the improvements be sustained after countries exit their bailouts?

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Bank Loans: Is the Yield Worth the Chase?

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky

Investors who rush into high-yield bank loans seeking competitive returns might find the yield they chase is hardly worth the pursuit. Loan yields—currently quoted at about 5%—seem attractive at first blush, but we think there’s a lot less here than meets the eye.

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Asian Currencies to Stay Calm at Center of EM Storm

Hayden Briscoe

Emerging markets have fallen from favor, but does that mean investors should avoid them entirely? We don’t think so.

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Energy Future Holdings Default Highlights Risks of Leveraged Loans

Gershon Distenfeld

The Texas-sized bankruptcy of Energy Future Holdings, formerly known as TXU, may have been one of the more anticipated defaults of the past few years, but investors can still learn a lesson or two from it.

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Investing Across Asset Classes in Europe’s Recovery

Tawhid Ali

Tawhid Ali (pictured) and Jorgen Kjaersgaard

Europe’s recovery is becoming reality. In our view, successful investing in the continent today requires a selective approach that exploits dislocations by focusing on return-seeking assets across stock and bond markets.

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Cast a Wider Net for Asian Income Stocks

Stuart Rae

Stuart Rae (pictured) and Katsuhiko Mano

Equity income has been a hot theme for Asian investors. But safer sectors that typically provide higher dividend yields are expensive. By casting a wider net, we think attractively priced income stocks can still be found in unexpected parts of the markets.

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Alarm Clock Goes Off on Dream Stocks

Joseph G. Paul

Investors have recently woken up to the reality of overpriced US momentum stocks in technology and biotech. But a knee-jerk shift toward defensive sectors isn’t the answer. 

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