Emerging Market Investors Don’t Have to Take Volatility Lying Down

We believe that emerging markets often offer better growth prospects than most developed markets. But, as my colleague Morgan Harting argues, many investors are not exploiting the full potential—often because they are afraid of volatility.

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Emerging-Market Credit
Has Come of Age

While investors have flocked to emerging-market government bonds in recent years, some still perceive emerging-market corporate bonds as an immature asset class. Shamaila Khan, who manages global credit portfolios, questions some assumptions about emerging credit.

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Has the Emerging-Market Safety Trade Gone Too Far?

The potential return for taking risk in emerging-market stocks hasn’t been this attractive in decades, as my colleague Henry D’Auria explains below.

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The Corporate Edge in Emerging Markets

Why do so many investors restrict their emerging-market bond investments to sovereigns? The corporate bond universe has grown dramatically in recent years—and offers a terrific combination of higher credit quality, wider spreads and potential capital gains.

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Managing Currency Risk Is Crucial for Emerging-Market Investments, Too

Mexican equities have far outperformed Chinese equities over the past 20 years, although China’s economy has left Mexico’s in the dust. Why? China managed its currency tightly, Mexico did not. For more on the relationship between GDP growth and equities—and the investment implications—see my colleague Morgan Harting’s guest post on FT.com. This post contains links to [...]

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More Emerging Markets, Less Volatility?

The steep drop in returns for emerging-market stocks this year—even worse than the drop for  developed-market stocks—provides a useful reminder that the asset class remains risky, despite its many attractions. How can investors capture the strong economic and earnings growth in emerging markets without taking on so much risk? I see two ways: One is [...]

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