Thinking Outside the Emerging-Markets Box

Forecasting is never an easy task. In the complex and fast-moving world of emerging markets, it’s particularly difficult. We believe investors would benefit from adding a broader approach to their research toolbox.

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Supersize EM: Obesity Matters for Emerging-Market Investors

Modern lifestyles are closely linked to rising obesity. As emerging markets follow the lead of the US, expanding waistlines could provide a guide to consumption-related investment trends in emerging markets.

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Is China Past Its Manufacturing Prime?

China has been an incredible export engine of manufactured goods over the past decade and the central player of the BRICs era. But mounting competition from other countries is gradually pulling production away from China. How should investors proceed?

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How to Invest in Emerging Markets 3.0

It’s been 25 years since the emerging-market equities index was created, and much has changed. Today, we believe that emerging markets are on the cusp of a third phase that might compel investors to shift away from benchmarks and focus on absolute risk.

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Is There Life After BRICs for Emerging Market Investors?

For more than a decade, Brazil, Russia, India and China have dominated the landscape in emerging markets. But as the BRICs-driven commodities boom wanes, investors may need to rethink their approach.

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