Oil Price Won’t Stay Low Forever

Kevin Simms (pictured) and Jeremy Taylor When OPEC leaders convene in Vienna tomorrow, the recent sharp decline in the oil price will top the agenda. Yet despite the pressures, our research suggests that the underlying economics of production should eventually drive the oil price higher from current levels.

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Getting Back into Value Equities

It finally feels like a great time to be a value investor again. After several challenging years, market conditions have become much more conducive to finding undervalued, controversial stocks with long-term payoff potential. Even after this year’s equity-market rally, we think the value rebound is just beginning.

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Does Behavioral Investing Make Sense Anymore?

Kevin Simms (pictured) and Joseph G. Paul Value investing has faced a crisis of confidence after five tough years. Here’s why we think the behavioral investing principles that underpin the discipline are more relevant than ever.

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Value Investing and the Philosopher’s Stone

Kevin Simms and Joseph G. Paul When J.K. Rowling finished her first manuscript of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995, she submitted it to 12 publishers, who all rejected the book. In time, those publishers would regret missing the chance to back an unknown author who would later take the world by storm. Like [...]

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Contrarian Investing and the US Auto Rebound

Kevin Simms and Ajit Ketkar When US auto sales were in the dumps three years ago, an investor predicting a rebound was considered about as credible as a used car salesman. Today, a bumper year for car sales is providing a great example of the enduring principles of long-term investing.

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