Ukraine: A Bailout or “Bail In” for Bond Investors?

As the drama of the political showdown over embattled Ukraine plays out, bond investors face less-publicized concerns over the fate of their Ukrainian investments and a potential bailout. But a bailout may not be all good news for investors.

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Emerging-Market Debt: Pure High-Yield Strategies Come of Age

We believe investors should be thinking about emerging-market debt in terms of credit quality buckets (investment grade or high yield) rather than sectors (sovereign or corporate). For some types of investor, pure high-yield strategies can offer significant advantages.

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Emerging-Market Debt: Pure High-Grade Strategies Gain Popularity

Investors in hard-currency emerging-market (EM) bonds are starting to change the way they think about the opportunity. For some, this means moving to investment-grade-only strategies.  

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