Brainpower: Man vs. Machine

Throughout history, humans have been the most intelligent beings on earth. But is this about to change? The advancement of neural networks could be the single most important development in helping machines think more like humans. Investors should take note.

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Counting to a Trillion: How Sensors Are Changing the Face of Investment Opportunity

How well did you sleep last night? Well, for about $130, you can buy a sensor-bearing wristband that will tell you how long you slept and how you slept, and even figure out the optimal time to wake you—with a gentle vibration. This is just one way sensor technology is improving our lives and creating [...]

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The Internet of Things: The Rise of the Machines Is Here

You’ve just settled into your seat in a jetliner when the pilot announces a mechanical delay. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon experience. But it could become a rarity before long, as jet engines and other moving parts are increasingly wired with technology that can diagnose problems before they occur.

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