High Yield’s September Sell-Off Doesn’t Change the Story

By Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky (pictured) and Gershon Distenfeld of AllianceBernstein (NYSE: AB) The recent sell-off in high-yield bonds has many investors wondering whether this is another big buying opportunity—like prior sell-offs have been—or the start of something more ominous. 

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Low Duration Means Low Risk? Not Necessarily

To protect their portfolios from rising interest rates and volatility, many high-yield investors have headed for short-duration strategies. We think some of the more popular approaches may expose investors to bigger hazards than they realize.

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High-Yield Bonds: Call Waiting

High-yield bonds’ attractive income has made them popular in today’s low-rate environment. But market complacency has caused callable-bond investors to ignore a lurking risk: duration extension in a rising-rate scenario.

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Bank Loans: Is the Yield Worth the Chase?

Investors who rush into high-yield bank loans seeking competitive returns might find the yield they chase is hardly worth the pursuit. Loan yields—currently quoted at about 5%—seem attractive at first blush, but we think there’s a lot less here than meets the eye.

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High-Yield Bonds: Tackling the Tough Questions

With high-yield bonds at record high prices and interest rates so low they’re barely visible in some parts, investors have a lot of anxious questions. Our opinion: we think high-yield bonds still offer more income and fare better in rising rate environments than other bond types.

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Is CCC Credit Worth the Risk?

Typically, one would expect higher-risk assets to generate higher returns. But when it comes to high-yield corporate bonds, indiscriminate exposure to the CCC-and-below category may not produce the expected results. 

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