Time to Rethink China’s Equity Markets

Plans for a new Shanghai-Hong Kong trading system are among three developments that we expect will give a boost to China’s equity markets in the medium to long term. So despite concern about the economic outlook, now could be the time to begin rethinking China from an investment perspective.

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Are Asia ex Japan Equities Primed for a Comeback?

Stuart Rae (pictured) and Rajeev Eyunni As developed-market equities continue to scale multiyear highs, their emerging-market counterparts—most notably Asian ex Japan stocks—have been more hesitant. Is it time for investors to take a closer look at the region?

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China’s Reforms Open New Path to Equities

Stuart Rae (pictured) and John Lin For investors in China equities, there have traditionally been two ways of approaching the market: through expensive growth stocks, or risky contrarian plays. Now, thanks to China’s reforms, there’s a third way which may offer a better balance of risk and return.

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Cast a Wider Net for Asian Income Stocks

Stuart Rae (pictured) and Katsuhiko Mano Equity income has been a hot theme for Asian investors. But safer sectors that typically provide higher dividend yields are expensive. By casting a wider net, we think attractively priced income stocks can still be found in unexpected parts of the markets.

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No Need to Fear China’s Housing Crackdown

Stuart Rae and John Lin New measures to cool China’s housing market have triggered fresh volatility and stock declines across Asia. But we think the latest government moves won’t derail the long-term drivers of Chinese real estate growth.

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Defying the Crowd on Chinese Stocks

Slowing economic growth, uncertainty about government policy and disappointing returns have made equity investors wary of China. In other words, it’s a perfect time to hunt for investment opportunities.

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