Alarm Clock Goes Off on Dream Stocks

Investors have recently woken up to the reality of overpriced US momentum stocks in technology and biotech. But a knee-jerk shift toward defensive sectors isn’t the answer. 

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Don’t Pull the Plug on US Stocks

Investors are wondering whether the bull run in US equities is over. With the economy gathering steam and interest rates likely to head higher, we think stocks are still the best game in town—and value stocks neglected in the recent rally look even better.

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Sector Distortions Can Be Costly in Passive Investing

Joseph G. Paul (pictured) and Kevin Simms Passive investing strategies that emulate an index have become increasingly popular. But passive investing can go awry when sector concentrations leave investors exposed to unintended risks.

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Equity Market Distortions Create Big Payback Potential

Joseph G. Paul (pictured) and Kevin Simms Even after this year’s equities rally, market imbalances created by the financial crisis in 2008 have not disappeared. When these distortions unwind, we expect deep value stocks to rapidly recover.

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The Markets and the Cult of Now

Crisis-battered investors continue to favor the relative certainty of current income over the “maybe” of future capital appreciation. If you ask me, however, this hyperfixation on Now is creating some provocative opportunities in Later.

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Are High-Yield Stocks in Bubble Territory?

Investors have been flocking to high-dividend-paying stocks, lured by their predictable, bondlike income and downside defenses. But investors may be getting more risk than they bargained for.

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