Wallflower Value Stocks Are Ready to Dance

Global equities are notching new highs, valuations are elevated and talk of market bubbles is increasingly common. Yet, by our measure, the potential for outperformance in value stocks has rarely been better. How can that be?

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When Rising Rates Hurt Stocks, How Bad Did It Get?

By Chris Marx (pictured) and Alison Martier A reader of our recent blog post about stocks in rising-rate environments asked us for more details on the magnitude and timing of any stock-market sell-offs during those periods. They were uncommon but ugly, so we thought our answer warranted another post.

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This Rate Cycle Is Different, but Stocks Should Still Do Well

By Chris Marx (pictured) and Alison Martier Stocks have generally performed very well in rising-rate environments. But the current rate cycle is unlike any other of the past 40 years, keeping investors on edge. A lot will depend on how inflation behaves.

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Quality Can Deliver in Times of Rising Rates

By Chris Marx (pictured) and Kent Hargis As talk of an early Fed “tapering” triggered a sell-off in bonds, safe-haven equities have also suffered. Can low-volatility strategies survive rising rates and an unraveling of the safety trade, in which investors rushed headlong into safe assets no matter the cost? We say, yes—but you’ll need an [...]

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Avoid a Passive Pickle in Less Volatile Stocks

By Chris Marx and Kent Hargis Less volatile, defensive stocks have been so popular lately that many investors are now asking whether the low-volatility opportunity has come and gone. The question highlights why we think a multifaceted, actively managed approach is the way to go when investing in this space. These strategies have more levers [...]

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