EM Sovereign Debt 2014: Neither Phoenix nor Failure

Emerging-market (EM) sovereign bonds were burned badly in 2013. Will they rise from the ashes in 2014? We believe some will and some won’t. The watchword for 2014 will be selectivity.

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Emerging-Market Currency Returns: Fact vs. Fiction

By Paul DeNoon (pictured) and Kenneth Colangelo Emerging-market (EM) currencies have long been a popular investment theme. It’s commonly assumed that attractive returns can be earned from the appreciation of EM currencies versus the dollar. The truth is a bit more complicated.

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Keeping Your Balance During Shaky Markets

By Paul DeNoon (pictured) and Gershon Distenfeld While capital markets have had their ups and downs, it’s been at least 15 years since we’ve seen such a broad swathe of the global markets take a hit at the same time—risky and “risk-free” assets alike.

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Emerging-Market Debt Offers More than One Kind of Diversification

One key attraction of emerging-market debt is that it can help investors to diversify existing portfolios of developed-market fixed-income securities. But there’s more than one kind of diversification, and more than one way to approach the opportunity, depending on each investor’s objectives.

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A Spectrum of Possibilities: The Emerging-Market Debt Tool Kit

Emerging-market debt (EMD) can be a valuable addition to a portfolio. The key is to recognize that EMD is not one homogeneous sector: it spans several sectors, each with its own set of risks and return opportunities. To select the best strategy to fit their objectives, investors need to ask a series of questions.

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