China at a Crossroads

Expectations are high that President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, nearly one year into their likely 10-year reign, will unveil reform policies that will define China’s social and economic development over the next decade and beyond. After the proposals are made public, the new leaders must prove that they can implement substantial change without [...]

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Is Asian Turbulence a Win for China?

While this week’s sell-off in Asian currency and bond markets does not, as yet, amount to a crisis in our view, it is obviously cause for concern. At this stage, we think two outcomes are likely: one is that central banks and supranational funding agencies will work together to avert a full-blown crisis; the other [...]

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Shadow Banking Darkens China Policy Outlook

Chinese government measures to cool the property market last week could be the start of a broader tightening campaign. The “shadow banking” industry might be next in line for action.

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New Leaders, Same Steady Hand on the Chinese Economic Tiller

The media spotlight is on China’s new president, Xi Jinping. But investors should be watching Li Keqiang, the new premier. It’s Mr Li who will be responsible for combating the country’s slowing economic growth and, with it, potentially the fate of the world’s economy.

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Déjà vu With a Difference
in China’s Investment Drive

Infrastructure investment in China is an important indicator of demand and a key signal of Beijing’s ability to revive the economy. This week, a flurry of news suggested that the rebound in infrastructure investment is gathering momentum. 

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Could Asia Come to the Rescue in a Global Double Dip?

Expansionary policy in Asia helped lead the world out of its slump after the 2008 financial crisis. While the region doesn’t have as much room for manoeuvre as it did then, we think it has ample firepower to deploy if the global economy slides into recession again.

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