European Small-Caps: Focus on Companies, Not Countries

Liliana Castillo Dearth (pictured) and Alan Connery Growth in the euro area has slowed sharply, but that’s not true for all companies in the region. We think worries about Europe’s recovery may offer investors the chance to buy quality, small-cap stocks for less than they would pay for similar-caliber companies elsewhere.

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Asian Tastes Add Spice to Consumer Industry Returns

Asian consumers are proud of their distinct tastes and traditions. That puts homegrown restaurant franchises and consumer companies with a deep knowledge of local appetites at the top of the food chain. In our view, they stand a good chance of staying there, even as competition from global franchises and brands picks up.

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Finding Fashion in Asian Small Caps

Investors looking for the kind of growth that up-and-coming smaller companies can deliver can’t afford to ignore Asia. We see exciting niche opportunities there—but finding them requires patience and on-the-ground expertise.

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Looking for Growth? Go Small and Global

Liliana Castillo Dearth (pictured) and Bruce K. Aronow In the hunt for growth in today’s low-growth world, up-and-coming small- and mid-sized companies are a good place to start. But you need to look everywhere, from Indiana to Indonesia.

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