SMID-Cap Rally Has More Runway

After the eye-popping outperformance of US small- and mid-cap (SMID) stocks this year, investors are asking why they should buy them now. We say, why not?

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SMID-Caps: To Know Them Is to Love Them

Bruce K. Aronow and James MacGregor It’s an opportunity born of neglect. Small-cap stocks have historically been the star performers of equities, handily outpacing large-cap stocks. And because they can get lost so easily in the grand sweep of the markets, small companies are often misunderstood and mispriced. That makes them great sources of alpha [...]

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Where SMID-Caps Get Their Performance Muscle

Bruce K. Aronow and James MacGregor  SMID-cap stocks, which bridge small- and mid-cap indices, have performed almost as powerfully as small-caps historically, but haven’t been as erratic. The “mid” in SMID is largely why.

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When Is a Small-Cap Strategy Too Big?

For small-cap equity managers, liquidity is always a challenge. But how can you really know when a strategy is too big to move in and out of positions efficiently?

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