Investing in the Robot Revolution: Part 2

Catherine Wood and Michael Shavel From manufacturing to services, a step change in automation is underway. Investors will want to get a share of a market that could be worth $400 billion by 2020 but, more than ever, they will need to be well advised.

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Investing in the Robot Revolution: Part 1

Catherine Wood and Michael Shavel As robots increasingly take over processes currently performed by humans, we believe that an inflection point in manufacturing automation is imminent. Transport and healthcare will quickly follow, with enormous social, economic and hence investment implications.

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Equities Set to Break Out of the Bear Trap

In the face of significant uncertainties, US and global equities rallied in 2012 and at the start of the New Year. We think there might be more to come as stocks break out of the bear trap.

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Finding Economies of Scale in Solar

By Catherine Wood and Brett Winton Advocates of solar energy have argued for years that the industry only needs subsidies to gain the economies of scale that would make it cost competitive. We think that day may never arrive.

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Will Solar Ever Reach “Grid Parity”?

The coming of grid parity keeps receding into the distance like a desert mirage. Over the last six years, executives at solar energy firms and their consultants have projected repeatedly that solar energy will reach grid parity—become cost competitive with other power sources—in three to five years—only to push its expected time of arrival further [...]

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Exploiting ZIRPonomics in a World
of Ultralow Interest Rates

We’re living in a world of zero interest-rate policies (ZIRP). Central bank interest rates and market yields are at historical lows in most of the developed world and some of the emerging world. Are you making ZIRPonomics work for you?

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