Euro High Yield: Defaults Are Not the Biggest Concern

High-yield default rates have been unusually low over the past couple of years and now look as though they are on the cusp of a reversal. But default rates in themselves could be less damaging to high-yield bond returns than rising government bond yields.

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Equity Market Distortions Create Big Payback Potential

Joseph G. Paul (pictured) and Kevin Simms Even after this year’s equities rally, market imbalances created by the financial crisis in 2008 have not disappeared. When these distortions unwind, we expect deep value stocks to rapidly recover.

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Likely Rate Cut from the European Central Bank Will Be No Magic Wand

Disappointing April data suggest that the ECB is set to cut the refinancing rate at Thursday’s Council meeting. This is likely to have limited economic impact but  could encourage expectations of more creative policy action later, helping to take some upward pressure off the euro.

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