Buy and Hold Is Dead…Long Live Buy and Hold

It seems that rumors of the death of long-term equity investing have been greatly exaggerated.

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High-Yield Bank Loans: Look Before You Leap

Ashish Shah, Gershon Distenfeld and Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky High-yield bank loans are a hot topic again in capital markets, with features touted as ideal for today’s environment. But we think it makes sense to take a closer look at what bank loans really are—and aren’t. In our opinion, there are a few holes in the case [...]

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Don’t Let Abuses Overshadow Value of 10b5-1 Plans

Daniel B. Eagan and Richard L.N. Weaver A recent Wall Street Journal article implied that some US executives have manipulated 10b5-1 programs to boost gains or reduce losses when trading company stock. Even if these abuses did occur, we think they shouldn’t obscure the value of 10b5-1 programs implemented in good faith.

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Who’s Afraid of the Fiscal Cliff?

Warnings about the fiscal cliff have saturated the US public debate. But consumers are still spending, even though they face huge potential tax hikes, while companies are being very cautious—even though they have relatively little to lose.

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Euro-Area Periphery Faces More Pain to Complete Rebalancing

Most peripheral euro-area countries have significantly improved their competitiveness recently, but more needs to be done. With currency devaluation ruled out, further downward pressure on labor costs is likely, which will probably deepen and prolong recessions and interfere with fiscal adjustment.

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Don’t Get Trapped by a Crowd in Stocks

Nobody likes to be stuck for too long on a crowded bus or train—especially when it’s time to get off. But when it comes to stocks, we often overlook the risks of getting trapped with too many people in an untenable position.

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