Five Reasons Why We Think the Renminbi is Still a Buy

The renminbi (RMB) has strengthened significantly in recent years. We don’t think it will continue to appreciate at the same pace, and in the very short term we may see two-way volatility in the exchange rate. But we are still positive on the currency, especially in the medium term.  Here are five reasons why.

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Spanish Bank Rescue Package Is a Step in the Right Direction

The €100bn rescue package agreed for Spanish banks over the weekend is credible and, to that extent, should be welcomed. But it is not enough, by itself, to stabilize markets on a sustained basis.

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Manager Diversification: Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

There’s a strong case to be made that investors should diversify their exposure to passive managers more—not less—than they diversify their exposure to active managers. 

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Has the Emerging-Market Safety Trade Gone Too Far?

The potential return for taking risk in emerging-market stocks hasn’t been this attractive in decades, as my colleague Henry D’Auria explains below.

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A Credible Recapitalization of Spanish Banks Is Now Imperative

A  credible recapitalization of the Spanish banks is now a necessary, though not sufficient, condition to stabilize markets. But there is disagreement about how to achieve this—increasing the risk of a damaging standoff and further volatility in European sovereign-debt markets.

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Selling Your Business Before Taxes Rise

Planning to sell your business? Try to wrap up the deal before year end, when today’s highly favorable US capital gains tax rate is scheduled to expire.

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