What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About Saving for Retirement

Anne Bucciarelli

Chances are, your parents have told you to max out your 401(k) plan. That’s good advice, but the hard truth is that your 401(k) plan is highly likely to fall short. To live comfortably in retirement, our research shows, you will almost surely need more.

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Is a Big Equity Correction Imminent? Not Yet

Vadim Zlotnikov

Many investors think US stocks are due for a correction: They feel that the market has run too far, that the Fed has been slow to act, that complacency has created pockets of excess. Do these gut feelings mean a major equity correction looms? Not yet, in our view.

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Low Duration Means Low Risk? Not Necessarily

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky

To protect their portfolios from rising interest rates and volatility, many high-yield investors have headed for short-duration strategies. We think some of the more popular approaches may expose investors to bigger hazards than they realize.

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Don’t Be Passive About Rising Rates

Chris Marx

Though they’ve defied expectations this year, higher interest rates appear to be all but inevitable. Investors need to take measure of the rate sensitivity in their portfolios—and stay agile—to negotiate the rough market crosscurrents a rate reversal may bring.

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Seven Things to Consider About Emerging Markets Now

Morgan Harting

After several years of disappointing returns, emerging-market (EM) equities are regaining interest, attracting flows and outperforming their developed-market (DM) counterparts this year. For investors thinking about adding EM exposure, we offer seven factors to consider.

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High-Yield Bonds: Call Waiting

Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky

High-yield bonds’ attractive income has made them popular in today’s low-rate environment. But market complacency has caused callable-bond investors to ignore a lurking risk: duration extension in a rising-rate scenario.

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Trouble on the Margin?

James T. Tierney, Jr.

It’s been a very strong earnings season for US companies. But for many, it’s becoming much more challenging to expand profit margins. In a tougher environment, we think investors should focus more closely on revenue growth to find stocks that can thrive.

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Is This Bond for You? Less Liquid, Yields Great

Douglas J. Peebles

Bond investors have historically enhanced their returns by taking on more interest-rate or credit risk. Today, a third opportunity is emerging for investors: the liquidity premium.

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Japanese Equities: Has the Third Arrow Fallen Short?

Katsuaki Ogata

Katsuaki Ogata (pictured) and Takuji Oya

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s latest blueprint for sustained long-term economic growth was met with quite a bit of skepticism. It’s easy to play down the so-called Third Arrow as an assortment of cryptic reform measures. But we believe that there’s some substance that warrants equity investors’ attention.

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Can You Rely on Income from Equities?

Joseph G. Paul

Joseph G. Paul (pictured) and Greg Powell

In a world of ultralow interest rates, the quest for income has left many investors stumped. Bonds are generally seen as more dependable sources of income than stocks. But our analysis suggests that income streams from equities are much more stable than widely believed.

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